Notable Projects

The Merchant Hotel

Located within the historic core of Belfast, Gahan and Long carried out an excavation of an 18th century streetscape prior to the construction of the extension to Belfast’s Merchant Hotel. This excavation identified the remains of house plots from one of the cities original street and led the recovery of a wide variety of artefacts.

Antrim Castle Gardens

Gahan and Long carried out numerous excavations as part of the restoration of Antrim Castle Gardens. These included the identification of structural elements within the Kitchen Gardens, the discovery of a former underground pump house and the excavation of the Barbican Gate wall.

Sirocco Works

The Sirocco Works project saw the excavation of the iconic 18th century Ballymacarrett glass works. This site extended over an area of approximately 3 football pitches and included the glass kilns, ceramic kilns and associated workshops.

Victoria Square

As part of the £200m Victoria Square scheme, Gahan and Long excavated the remains of the 19th century Mays dock, 16th century house plots and a late 14th century slipway.